March 24, 2012

Kanga Excitement!

Black and dove grey kanga.

I bought a kanga yesterday from Sense & Sensibility’s charity kanga sale on Etsy this week. All proceeds go towards a charity that teaches women in Kenya how to sew to support their family. I’m so excited for it to arrive! Jennie said it should ship Monday, since they take the weekends off. I bought this kanga. It looks more navy blue and white in the picture, but Jennie describes it as black and dove grey, which still sounds lovely, and it matches my Winter color palette, according to the book Color Me Beautiful that I got from the library. The phrase in Swahili means “Do all, say all; God will compensate me.”

The kanga comes with free PDF instructions on how to make a wrap skirt or an A-line skirt from the kanga, which can otherwise be bought for $1 on (pictures of both styles shown in the Etsy link). I can’t decide which one I want to make. At first I was leaning towards the wrap skirt, but now I’m leaning towards the A-line. I’ll just have to wait until it arrives to play with it and decide. :D

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