February 26, 2012

Regency Stays Interlining Pictures

I finally found the time, energy, and batteries to take pictures of me in my Regency corset mock-up 2 / interlining. I’ve been sick and busy in the last several weeks while trying to get my research project to the point of IRB submission (which will be this Monday! I’m crossing my fingers it won’t take too long for approval).

Yes, I know its not good to tie your laces like that, but its convenient for fittings when you have three yards of excess lacing. :)

Unfortunately, my roommate was busy playing Star Trek online and Skype-ing with his friends, so I had to lace myself in this time. I also felt weird about going into his room to use the full length mirror to lace it myself (I knew he would have a running commentary about it), so I used the small mirror in the bathroom. The top half of the waist is cinched in too much and the bust isn’t tight enough, but it still looks ok. The bust isn’t as supported as it was last time but only slightly. I used the binder clip to keep the top edge of the fabric flush with the busk, which is what helps keep the, er, “ladies” in place.

February 5, 2012

Regency Stays

I’ve been making Regency stays using The Mantua Maker 1810-3 Regency Corset pattern. Even for being my first corset, I've found it not to be that difficult to use and fit to me. I made my mock-up a size 16 (with D-cup gussets) in dark brown cotton duck from Joann’s (never again! too much fraying and so flimsy!), and it more-or-less fit. The bust gussets were a bit too small and the stays laced closed in the back. On my second mock-up in a much sturdier unbleached cotton drill, the only change I made was to increase the width of the bust gussets by ¼”.  I thought about cutting a size 14, but I liked the way everything else fit, so I figured I’d make a 16 and cut it down if needed. I thought perhaps the duck was just too stretchy and flimsy, and since it frayed so badly all the gusset seams were popping out.